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— empowering through technology

Founded by a capable team with years of multi-faced experience, Apex has ideated, innovated, and implemented multiple successful technology solutions for both private and public sectors, including state and federal government agencies.

Our approach goes beyond usability and aesthetics. We delve into your business model to uncover the underlying value that your brand provides to customers.
mission-vectorOur Mission — To accelerate the world's transition to digital products for a wider audience.
vision-vectorOur Vision — To create the amazing digital products, that create digital experiences. “The product should speak for itself”
goal-vectorOur Goal — Our goal is to become the preferred software development agency for developers.
— Our Team

Homegrown service, global thinking

Eizaz AzharManaging Director
Kierian LeeChief Technology Officer
Wilson WongChief Finance Officer
Adhistana HertantoUI/UX Designer / Solutions Architect
Jia Chwen TanSenior Fullstack Engineer
Aizat BorhanudinFullstack Engineer
Sathia RamasamySenior Fullstack Engineer
PaoYang TanV.P. Business Development (Regional)
Chan Zi YangSoftware Developer
Seetal KaurSenior V.P. Business Development
Nicholas LohV.P. Growth Marketing (Regional)
— Our Partners

Partnerships that energise the Nation’s Digital Economy

Apex is part of The Malaysia Digital family (MSC Malaysia). Malaysia Digital is the new national strategic initiative to encourage and attract companies, talents and investment while enabling Malaysian businesses and Rakyat to play a leading part in the global digital revolution and digital economy. The Malaysia Digital family opens access to exclusive facilitation on relevant offerings to digital companies part of the thriving ecosystem.

10-Year Tax Exemption

The MSC status allows Apex a 10-year tax exemption for all revenue generated from healthcare technology and pharmaceutical technology

Foreign Fundraising

5-year exemption to source capital globally for MSC Malaysia Infrastructure and the right to borrow, invest, or raise any amount globally from a non-resident individual or entity, such as sovereign wealth funds, family offices, or investment banks.

International Talent

Ability to easily request working visas and resident passes for specific foreign talent related to technology works.

— Our Values

Principles we live by

01Building exceptional products
We do not settle with “good enough”. We always push the bar to develop an exceptional product for developers as well as end-users. We build foundational features that are purposefully crafted to be scaleable and long-lasting.
02We help each other grow.
We support each other in growing both within our current role and preparing each other for future roles. Individual development should never be compromised. We prioritize feedback and ensure to put formal processes in place for 1-on-1s and reviews.
03We celebrate experiments.
We encourage experimentation in all aspects of our work. Even when our experiments go wrong, we celebrate the effort and learn from our mistakes. We share failures, success, problems and progress with each other. As much as possible.
04We work transparent and open.
We are building a software development company. Transparency and openness are embedded parts of how we work and operate. We try to create transparency around our engineering work by explaining why we build certain features, how we build them, our approach and similar
05We are guided by passion.
We are passionate about the work we do and are ready to go the extra miles when needed. We find opportunities to make sure our passion sustains. Our vision is to create the amazing digital products, that create digital experiences. “The product should speak for itself”
— Expertise

We’re challengers and problem solvers. We are passionate about the work we do and are ready to go the extra miles when needed. See what this amazing team is capable of.

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