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In recent years, the Malaysian Ministry of Health has been faced with the challenge of regulating and monitoring the sale and distribution of e-cigarettes to ensure public health and safety. To address this issue, we were tasked with creating a comprehensive mobile app for customers and vendors, along with an admin web portal, collectively named "Vape KYC." This innovative platform was designed to facilitate and monitor the purchase and distribution of e-cigarettes while adhering to strict KYC (Know Your Customer) verification requirements.

The challenge

The Malaysian Ministry of Health faced several significant challenges in regulating the e-cigarette market, including ensuring adherence to strict health regulations, implementing a robust KYC verification process for customers and vendors, developing a real-time order tracking system, enabling effective vendor management, and providing the Ministry with comprehensive data visibility for regulatory enforcement.

The solution

In response to the multifaceted challenges posed by the e-cigarette market, we leveraged a combination of innovative technology and regulatory expertise to create the Vape KYC platform. This comprehensive solution comprises three key components: customer and vendor mobile apps, an admin web portal, and a secure and scalable infrastructure. Together, these elements empower the Ministry of Health Malaysia to regulate and monitor the e-cigarette market effectively, fostering public health and safety while ensuring regulatory compliance and efficient market management.

Customer and Vendor Mobile Apps

Customers and vendors could register on the app with a robust KYC verification process, ensuring that only eligible individuals could access e-cigarettes. Customers could purchase e-cigarettes through the app, while vendors could sell their products, manage their locations, and add team members.

Admin Web Portal

The cornerstone of the Vape KYC system, the admin web portal provides the Malaysian Ministry of Health with comprehensive oversight and control of the e-cigarette market. It offers real-time order tracking to ensure regulatory compliance and efficient monitoring of users, vendors, and purchases. The portal features a dynamic dashboard with reporting tools, empowering decision-makers with valuable market insights. Furthermore, administrators can communicate effectively with stakeholders by posting news and announcements directly to the customer and vendor app newsfeeds. This central hub plays a pivotal role in maintaining public health, ensuring regulatory adherence, and fostering a safe e-cigarette industry in Malaysia.

The results

The implementation of the Vape KYC platform has led to transformative outcomes for the Malaysian Ministry of Health. By effectively addressing regulatory compliance issues, improving user verification, and streamlining the e-cigarette order tracking process, the platform has enhanced the Ministry's ability to uphold public health and safety. The efficient vendor management system ensures vendors operate within the bounds of regulatory requirements. Moreover, the admin portal's data visibility tools provide valuable insights for data-driven decision-making and proactive regulation. The platform's capacity to facilitate communication through news and annoucements on customer and vendor app newsfeed further strengthens its utility as a comprehensive soulution for the e-cigarette industry.

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