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The MARA Technological University is a public university based primarily in Shah Alam, Selangor. It was established to help rural Malays in 1956 as the RIDA Training Centre, and opened with around 50 students.


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The education sector is an essential part of society, and it has undergone significant changes in recent years. As such, there is a need for a comprehensive and efficient curriculum management system that can cater to the needs of educational institutions. This case study outlines the development of a tech startup project that aims to create a curriculum management system for the education sector.

The challenge

The challenge was to create a curriculum management system that would digitise and streamline the curriculum creation process while also being user-friendly and efficient. The system would need to be comprehensive, covering all aspects of the curriculum, including courses, programmes, and reports while adhering the the Malaysian Qualification Associations (MQA) standards. Moreover, the client had a large volume of existing data that would be needed to migrated into the new platform.

The solution

To address the challenge, the team developed a curriculum management system that would enable educational institutions to manage the courses and programmes of their curriculum efficiently. The system was designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive mobile-friendly interface that would make it easy for teachers and administrators to use on-site or on-the-go.

A new course module as a key to future success.

The courses module was comprehensive, covering all aspects of the curriculum, including course learning outcomes (CLO), lesson plans, assessments, and reports. It was also designed to be flexible, allowing any institution to customise the system to meet their specific needs.

Bespoke Programmes Management for flexibility and ease of use.

The programmes module was designed with an intuitive interface and clear navigation to make it easy for users to configure their programme attributes such as educational objectives, learning outcomes, courses, and study plans. The platform also incorporated a notification system to keep administrators and teachers informed about important updates and changes.

Reporting — Where the old meets the new

To support in MQA compliance, an intuitive reporting module ensured that the reports generated adhered to the Malaysian Qualification Association (MQA) standards allowing administrator to generate pixel-perfect reports with a click of a button. Course Reports, Programme Reports and Student Learning Time reports were programmed into the Reporting module allowing for the accurate capture of information.

Publishing a scalable marketing website

The Publication module was designed with an intuitive customisable interface whereby data from the Curriculum Management System were able to seamlessly update existing institutions marketing websites which allowed the on-site team to digitise all curriculum records across multiple locations remotely. The Publication module provides potential customers with access to their programmes, courses, and institution-related news in real-time.

The results

The results of the project were outstanding. The curriculum management system was successfully developed and implemented in several educational institutions. The system was well-received by teachers and administrators, who found it easy to use and efficient.

The system also had a positive impact on course and programme approval process. Teachers were able to create more effective curriculums resulting in faster approval process with the Malaysian Qualification Association (MQA). In conclusion, the development of a curriculum management system for the education sector has been a significant achievement for the project team. The system has helped to improve the efficiency of educational institutions while also adhering to the Malaysian Qualification Associations (MQA) standards.

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